Month: May 2016

The Warning Signs of Kidney Problems

Kidney diseases are extremely serious, although it is not rare for people to suffer from chronic problems with these vital organs. The kidneys process your blood to help regulate your blood pressure and allow it to take in oxygen while removing toxic substances. Complete kidney failure is almost always fatal, although this is usually pre-empted by a diagnosis of an ongoing kidney problem. An early diagnosis can help you look after your kidneys, but the symptoms and signs can be hard to spot and you might put them down to a completely different condition.

Diabetes and blood pressure are the most common issues that can later lead to kidney problems, so it’s important to understand and monitor these. Be aware of your family history with these kinds of conditions, and try to maintain a healthy diet with minimal salt and sugar along with getting regular exercise. If you think you are at risk you should ask your doctor for advice, but here are some signs to watch out for which not everyone realises are connected to kidney problems.