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Major Services Offered by the NHS

Most people have heard of or come across the NHS, but they do not understand clearly the type of services provided. The NHS plays a lot of roles that are all geared towards promotion of health among the people in this country. To help you understand it clearly, this article provide you with some of the common services that are provided by the National Health Service.

Stethoscopes: Dirtiest Part of Your Doctor’s Visit?

According to some recent information, the most unsanitary part of your doctor’s visit may be your doctor’s stethoscope. If there’s one symbol of the medical profession and its ability to help and heal, it’s the stethoscope. Either that or that snake thing. You know what I mean. But who thinks snakes are sanitary? Nobody. Who thinks stethoscopes are sanitary? Probably quite a few people. But apparently, that’s not the case.

Patient-Doctor Communication

One of the most important skills in the medical practitioner’s arsenal is communication. As many have noted, this also seems to be one of the skills that is most often lacking! Medical students are not admitted to medical school based on their ability to communicate, as they say. For future doctors, the study of this area is very important.

The white coat: The new iron curtain of communication?

Could the white coat of the doctor prevent adequate doctor-patient communication? Some say yes. The doctor’s white coat, which for many represents authority of some form, may lead patients to become intimidated and less likely to speak about medical issues they are experiencing.